The Kingdom of God Is Like…

The Bible does not have a straight dictionary definition of the Kingdom of God. Instead, it has a bunch of stories Jesus tells called parables, that start with the line “The Kingdom of God is Like…” For Jesus, the Kingdom of God is so revolutionary, so different from what we are used to and what our human kingdoms look like that he has to use parables, stories, in order to paint a picture that can capture our imaginations for what God’s Kingdom is like.


Week 4: The Kingdom of God Is Like… A Great Banquet

One of the repeating metaphors that Jesus uses to explain what the Kingdom of God is that of a party, a great feast that we are all invited to.


Week 2: The Kingdom of God Is Like... Hidden Treasure and an Expensive Pearl

The Kingdom of God, Jesus says, is like a man finding treasure hidden in a field, or like a merchant finding an expensive pearl. They both gladly sell everything they have to purchase the treasure they've found. This parable teaches something about the incomparable worth of the Kingdom of God, even amidst seemingly ordinary circumstances, and how finding God’s Kingdom is meant to produce the greatest joy.


Week 1: The Kingdom of God Is Like… A Mustard Seed

According to Jesus, the Kingdom of God is not like the kingdoms of men. While most Kingdoms advance through violence and fanfare. The Kingdom of God starts small and hidden, but over time it grows until it touches every part of creation.