The Art of Neighboring

One of the Great Commandments of Jesus is to “Love Our Neighbor” but too often we make this commandment very abstract, our neighbor could be anybody and it ends up being nobody. But what if Jesus meant to love our actual neighbor? The family next door, the loud person that lives in the apartment upstairs? What does it mean to love our actual neighbors, particularly in a city like DC? Join us this Sunday as we start a journey looking at what it means to lover our neighbors like Jesus would, and why this practice has the power to change our neighborhood, our city, and our world.


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The Time Barrier - Ep. 4

Time is the biggest obstacle we need to overcome to be effective neighbors. We live in a city that runs at a pace that makes is incredibly hard to make time to meet new people and develop true relationships with our neighbors. In this sermon we take a look at how Jesus shows us a different way to live, a countercultural way where we can have the margin to develop relationships with our neighbors.

church as a family - ep.3

Church today can be many things: a concert, an inspirational talk, a non-profit organization, a childcare provider. But when we look at the early church in the New Testament, there are different images to describe the church: A bride, a body, and a family. We take a look at what it means to do church as a family and how God wants the church family to be the most welcoming family in the world.

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our foreign neighbors - ep. 2

Throughout the Scriptures, one of the main dimensions of love of neighbor was to care for the foreigner, or what we would call today, the refugee and the immigrant. Join us this Sunday as we take a look at what the Bible has to say about this issue, and what God's heart is for the immigrant and the refugee.

who is my neighbor? - ep. 1

Who Is My Neighbor? This is the question that an expert of the Jewish law asks Jesus, trying to justify why he didn’t care for his neighbors. A lot of times we act like the expert of the Jewish law, we think of our neighbors in an abstract manner; our neighbor could be anybody so it ends up being nobody. But what if Jesus meant to love our actual neighbor? What would our blocks, streets and neighborhoods look like if we loved them like Jesus commands?