Spiritual Practices

How do we become more like Jesus? That’s the question at the heart of discipleship. What we see in the Bible is that it is not enough to learn about Jesus, but we are actually called to practice the type of life that Jesus is calling us to. Spiritual Practices are the ways in which we put into practice the teachings of Jesus, from praying to fasting to even how we spend our money. Join us on a new sermon series as we take a look at the different Spiritual Practices from the Scriptures and how they can transform the way we live.


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Community - Ep. 7

"For I am already being poured out like a drink offering, and the time for my departure is near. 2 Timothy 4:6 (NIV)" This past Sunday we looked at how Paul "poured out his life" by investing and spending time with others like Timothy. Who are you pouring your life into?

silence & solitude - ep. 6

Sometimes we don’t hear from God because He is quiet. But sometimes we don’t hear from God because we are not quiet.



Fasting - Ep. 5

Fasting is this reminder that ultimately your sustenance doesn't come from you, it comes from God.

sabbath, ep. 4

The Sabbath is a reminder that our value does not come from how much we produce, but from our identity in Christ and our relationship with God.



evangelism, ep. 3

Redeem the time you already have. You already eat dinner, eat that same meal with a neighbor. Your kids need to get energy out, let them play with neighbor kids while you sit on porch with their parents.

generosity, ep. 2

God wants to share with us. Our stuff has replaced pieces of our soul and we trust in our own generosity to make us whole. Instead, God reminds us that He has all we need and more.



Prayer, Ep. 1

Jesus is changing the disciples' idea of prayer from being transactional to being relational. Prayer is about God and you and the fact that He is your Father and He is near and He is Holy and incredible and beautiful, and when you get that, prayer changes.