Prayer: Forty Days of Practice

One of our priorities as a church is to foster a culture of prayer. We believe that in today’s world, the most important thing we can commit to is to seek God through prayer. It is through prayer that God can change us and empower us to carry out His mission in the world. In this series, we take a look at the “why” behind prayer.


Palm Sunday: In DC As It Is In Heaven

When Jesus teaches His disciples how to pray, the first thing He tells them ask for is not for forgiveness, or provision, but for God’s Kingdom to come. It was that important to Him. What does it mean for us today to pray for God’s Kingdom to come? What would it look like if God’s will would be done in DC as it is in Heaven?



The How of prayer pt. II: corporate


As we’ve been learning, prayer is a multifaceted discipline. There are different ways in which we can engage prayer. We put a lot of emphasis on the ways in which we can pray individually, but one of the most important and least talked about ways in which we should pray is Corporate Prayer. There is something special that happens when the people of God come together to pray.

The How of Prayer Pt. I: Devotional

Forms of Prayer

This week during our prayer series we focused on the “how” of prayer. Through the use of ancient tools and Biblical principals we experienced how to engage the presence of the Lord in the practice of prayer to gain an everlasting peace that comes through a deep, meaningful connection with him.



The Role of Prayer Pt. II:Intercession

and God’s Will

This is what I think prayer should look like: "We come before God believing that God responds, that He answers, and we can plead God for a better future… and then, because we are in a relationship with our Father, a God who is sovereign, who we believe that is willing everything in the universe for ultimate good, we are able to have the faith to submit to God, and tell God: but not my will, but yours. 

The Role of Prayer Pt. I: How the World Really



I don’t know why God answers some prayers, and doesn’t answer others. I don’t know why certain things happen. I can’t even guarantee you that God will answer your prayer. What I can tell you, is that God loves you. The Apostle Paul believed that ultimately that was the most important thing, was that God loved him. And if God loved him, no matter what else was happening, he was going to be ok.



The Why of Prayer Part I: The Most Important

Thing We Can Do

Ultimately the thing that we need is not more technique or more competence but rather, more God.