Prayer: Forty Days of Practice

One of our priorities as a church is to foster a culture of prayer. We believe that in today’s world, the most important thing we can commit to is to seek God through prayer. It is through prayer that God can change us and empower us to carry out His mission in the world. In this series, we take a look at the “why” behind prayer.


The Role of Prayer Pt. I: How the World Really


I don’t know why God answers some prayers, and doesn’t answer others. I don’t know why certain things happen. I can’t even guarantee you that God will answer your prayer. What I can tell you, is that God loves you. The Apostle Paul believed that ultimately that was the most important thing, was that God loved him. And if God loved him, no matter what else was happening, he was going to be ok.



The Why of Prayer Part I: The Most Important

Thing We Can Do

Ultimately the thing that we need is not more technique or more competence but rather, more God.