Made On Purpose

 The call to follow Jesus takes different expressions in the lives of each person. We are not all called to quit our jobs and become full-time ministers. However, in today’s world oftentimes we have difficulty seeing how God’s call is expressed in our every day lives. We either see our jobs purely in utilitarian terms, as means to an end of earning a paycheck so we can do ministry work for free, or to give to the mission of the church, or as a mission field where we can witness to our co-workers. But we fail to see our actual jobs as a part of God’s calling.

As a consequence, when we hear about calling we tend to divorce ourselves from the conversation since we fail to see how that really applies to us. However, the Scriptural perspective on calling is that it applies to all aspects of our lives, and to everybody. God has made everyone on purpose. This three-week series will be a theological primer on Calling and vocation. What are we made for? Is it only to share the Gospel? Is it only to glorify God? Does our 9-5 work matter?


Week 1: What Are People Made For?

At the core of the purpose of humanity is love. God made people so that He could love them, and they could enjoy Him and love Him back. It is important that we understand this truth first and foremost, so that our talk about purpose does not become a means to earn God’s approval, where we see our value and identity tied to how well we perform our function. We were made so that God could love us and we could love Him back. When this is at the base of our understanding of our purpose, then we are able to pursue whatever other secondary calling or purpose there might be with freedom and joy, as an expression of God’s grace.