God Has A Name

What is God Like? This is probably the most important question we could ever ask, because what we think about God will determine how we see and interact with the world. Exodus 34:6-7 is a fascinating passage where God describes Himself. So for the next few weeks we are going back to the source, to see what God has to say about Himself, and what that in turn, says about the world we live in and ourselves. We are calling this series “God Has a Name” because we are basing it on the book of the same name by John Mark Comer. Interested in buying the book and reading it along as we go through the series? Find it here.


Carry the name - ep. 8

After God tells Moses His name and describes His character, He makes a covenant with Moses, and finishes the covenant by saying something else about His name, that His name is jealous. Why does He close with that? What does it mean that God is jealous? Is God insecure? For the final week on our series about the name and character of God, we take a look at what it means that God’s name is jealous. And what it means for us as the people of God, to carry His name today.



yet he does not leave the guilty unpunished - ep. 7

John the Baptist called Jesus “the Lamb of God” because Jesus is how God solves the tension between His forgiving nature and His justice. This God takes the consequences and the pain of our sin upon Himself, this God takes all of our suffering and all of our punishment into His son who lifts up, and takes away the sin of the world. That’s what God being forgiving means.

abounding in love & faithfulness - ep. 6

One of the implications of God’s faithfulness is that His love never gives up… It’s a love that no matter what we do, no matter how many times we walk away, no matter how many times we say no, it still keeps chasing after us…



slow to anger - ep. 5

God’s predisposition is compassion, not anger. When God does get angry, it is precisely because He loves us. The injustice, oppression, and brokenness we see in the world, the devastating damage that sin does to our own lives and to the lives of others; these are the things that make God angry. And that should give us hope. Because it means that things are not going to be the way they are forever. God’s anger shows us He cares about our pain and suffering, enough to do something about it.

Compassionate & gracious - Ep. 4

In God’s economy, things are not about what we deserve. Why? Because God is compassionate and gracious… The universe runs on grace, even for the people we don’t like, even for the people that have hurt us, even for the people that have broken our hearts, the universe runs on grace. And when you understand that, your life can change. This is the message of the cross: that Jesus came into the world to give Himself, not based on anything that we have ever done to deserve it, salvation is not about deserving.



Yahweh Elohim - Ep. 3

The coming of Jesus into the world is the final proof of Yahweh being Yahweh Elohim, the one true God, the uppercase G God. And this means that the ultimate victory in the war between good and evil has already been won in Jesus.

The recording starts about 10 minutes into the sermon because of technical difficulties we experienced, however the bulk of the teaching is still in the recording.

Yahweh - Ep. 2

God revealing His name to Moses, and to the people of Israel shows us that God wanted to be known by them, God wanted to be in relationship with them, on a first name basis. But a few hundred years before Jesus, the people of Israel stopped saying God’s name out of fear of breaking one of the commandments. Fear drove a wedge in the relationship between Israel and God, and created a distorted image of God in the mind of Israel. When Jesus enters the story, He comes to reveal God’s true nature. Jesus says that he came to manifest God’s name, to restore the type of relationship God has always wanted to have with humanity, one where He knows our name, and we know His, and we are not afraid of saying it