Encounters with Jesus

For many, the Christmas season is busy, stressful and marked by consumerism. But for the people who met Jesus when He was born, their encounters with Him were remarkably different. They brought hope, joy and justice. We'll take a look at the stories of these people and learn how we too, can encounter Jesus this season.


Christmas Eve

The Christmas story is about God writing himself into the human story... as a member of our family. By becoming a part of the family of man, Jesus opened up the way for humanity to become a part of God’s family. Jesus comes as our brother so that we can come to God as our Father. This is God's dream for the world and Jesus' invitation to us. Through Jesus, we can become a part of the family of God.


The magi encounter jesus

The encounter of the Magi with Jesus show how God's rule is different that the rule of any other kings. The magi encounter Herod, a king that wants to hold onto power by force, even being willing to kill newborn babies in Bethlehem. Jesus is a different type of king. He is born humbly and vulnerable and yet, this is how God ushers in His kingdom into the world.


The shepherds encounter jesus

The encounter of the shepherds with Jesus shows God's goodness. While the Magnificat shows God's justice to an oppressed people, the message of the angels is that the coming of Jesus is a show of God's good will towards humanity. The shepherds encounter God's goodness when they encounter Jesus.



Christmas is not only a season of getting along and being happy. It is also a declaration, a warning to the powers of evil in the world that their time is coming to an end, that the clock is ticking because a child has been given and baby has been born. And He brings with Him justice..