Meet our Church Planters in Residence - The Tindells!

Meet our Church Planters in Residence - The Tindells!

Author: Amy Tindell

We have traveled to Ecuador, Ukraine, and Albania to preach the Gospel.  We have also started several new ministries at our previous churches. After working in recovery for over two years, in January 2016 we launched a God-centered 12-step ministry called Celebrate Recovery in our Arkansas church with two of our best friends. The experience changed our lives: fellowshipping and intimate teaching, creating worship from pain, encountering the power of Jesus Christ in our own hurts and destructive habits, and raising up new leaders.  The ministry is still changing lives today.

In the fall of 2016, in the middle of this wonderful ministry, Brian and I both individually felt a stirring to consider leaving our beloved community in Arkansas to explore a job opportunity in the Washington DC area. We shared these feelings with each other and explored what new thing God might be doing.


In 2004 we had lived in Bethesda, Maryland while Brian worked at an internship with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and I worked an internship at the Children’s National Medical Center.  We had been married just over a year and instantly fell in love with the area, the city, and the people. We always intended to come back to live here, but assumed it would be in the future at the end of Brian’s career. Until 2016, and God’s stirrings.

We were ready to move to the DC area, but we had no idea how God would provide friends or a church family, or even a house.  We only knew that we would work for the restoration and renewal of the people in our neighborhoods and cities. Little did we know that a group starting a church in the heart of DC was praying for a family to join in that work.

In May 2017, Brian reached out to several church planters in the DMV; the Lead Pastor of Encounter, Joel Pazmino, was so excited to talk about what God was doing in Columbia Heights..  On a house-hunting trip in June, Brian and I met Meghan and Joel and attended Encounter’s first preview service. We loved the people from the start. As we made the move with our three children from Arkansas to Rockville in August of 2017, Joel, Meghan and the folks at Encounter were there for us.  They have supported, encouraged, and loved us through that transition. Joel even signed the paperwork for our house through power of attorney before we even moved!

Becoming the official Church Planters in Residence at Encounter Church is equal parts humbling and exciting.  We are thrilled to serve and learn and work for the good of Encounter Church and Columbia Heights. After all, this church and neighborhood has revealed to us the face of God through their own hands, feet, and friendship.  We love to share our home in Rockville too, welcoming in friends and neighbors to eat and share life with us. We patiently wait to see what God has planned for us there.

We are delighted to serve Encounter Church; to God be the glory.