Encounter Kids

Encounter Kids

Author: Amy Tindell

This is going to be an exciting year for families and kids at Encounter Church!

We are offering a program every Sunday morning during the sermon time for kids. We will be using The Gospel Project curriculum and beginning in THE beginning with Genesis and the Creation Story.

At Encounter we believe in the foundational benefit of being rooted in Scripture. And research shows that the most formative time in a person’s life, when they respond most to the truths found in God’s word, is when they are a child.

So what better way to influence God’s kingdom today and tomorrow than teaching our children at Encounter, no matter their background, about the beautiful Word of God?

Through videos, interactive games and crafts and spiritual conversations, children begin to understand God’s overarching redemptive plan through his son Jesus, revealed from beginning to end in his Word.

At Encounter we also believe in the power of story, both God’s story found in Scripture and our own individual stories as we have walked with Jesus. Our children will learn the importance of their story and how it fits with God’s great plan. They will also begin to understand how their stories can impact and interweave with others in their own families, neighborhoods and schools.

We are expectant of the ways our children will grow to evangelize to their own families and friends with the grand story of God’s rescue plan of his son Jesus.

At Encounter we also believe in the presence of Christ and the importance of our presence in our neighborhoods. In keeping with this core belief, we plan to incorporate service into the Encounter Kids ministry as we encourage families to be a presence and a shining light in Columbia Heights and beyond.

We are so looking forward to diving deep into the Bible with our children starting this September and learning together how to share our lives and the Gospel with our families and friends.

It’s going to be a great year!